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Cut through the clutter and get to the heart of the matter so you can attract the right clients for you

Do you think you should be getting more from your marketing efforts but aren't sure where to focus?

Does thinking about all of your marketing options make you throw your hands up in frustration?

Is marketing your business just all too much right now? You've got a business to run after all!

You're not alone! We can help you get on the right marketing track for your business!

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Marketing Sounding Board Membership

12-Week Marketing Roadmap

You're an expert in your own field - not a marketer! And you have limited time and limited money to spend on marketing your business so you need to know what will deliver the best return for your investment and what to prioritise next.

A Marketing Roadmap will help you to focus on the important things you need to achieve your business goals.

The Marketing Roadmap includes:

- A complete digital marketing audit
- Discovery questionnaire & 1-hr discovery session
- Gap analysis & prioritisation strategy
- 12-Week Marketing Roadmap document & 1-hr Q&A session

Normally $990 inc. GST

Masterclass registrants get 20% off

>> $792 inc. GST! <<

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On Call Marketing Manager

Get a Martech Check!

One of the secrets to marketing success is to make it as easy as possible for you to get your marketing done.

Automations, integrations and using the right technology for your needs is the key.

Get your marketing technology working for you!

The Martech Check includes:

Technology questionnaire
- 1-hr discovery session (Zoom)
- Gap analysis
- Martech Check document
including recommendations for budget, mid-range & premium options, suggested improvements and more!
- 1-hr follow up session

Normally $990 inc. GST

Masterclass registrants get 20% off

>> $792 inc. GST! <<

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Connecting with Your Clients Workshops

Get Set for 2023 - limited time offer!

2022 has been another crazy ride for many of us, so it's time to regroup and set yourself up for success in 2023.

This package includes:

- A 12-Week Marketing Roadmap


- A Martech Check

Hit the ground running in 2023 and make it a business year to  remember - for all the right reasons!

These two offers separately would come to a total of $1,980 inc. GST, but I'm doing this special end of 2022/start of 2023 offer.

Normally $1,750 inc. GST

Masterclass registrants get 20% off

>> $1,400 inc. GST! <<

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Get set for 2023

A recent Marketing Roadmap testimonial

Michelle Fragias

Michelle Fragias

Speaking & Leadership Coach



Anna Lamb, Uplifting Value

Anna Lamb

Pricing Specialist / Mentor / Coach / Consultant
Uplifting Value

I was at a stage in my business where the main question was if people don’t know I exist then how can I help them? The answer I found was to focus on my marketing, however I didn’t know where to start! There are so many possible marketing activities out there.

Racquel’s marketing roadmap was just what I needed in terms of structure and providing a framework for a comprehensive marketing strategy for my business. Marketing activities broken down by category, by activity and by week made sure that I knew where to start, and the plan was achievable.

I appreciated that she quickly understood my business and was not only able to provide background information on each proposed marketing activity but also how these activities will apply to my specific business.

I fully recommend working with Racquel to provide clarity on your marketing strategy but also be able to know step by step how you can act on your strategy.

Chitrang Trivedi, 4Cabling

Chitrang Trivedi


Racquel has helped us take 4Cabling’s omni-channel marketing and online customer experience to the next level.

Her strategy and execution plan around SEO, online advertising, content, email marketing, marketing automation, promotions and the CX/UX of web experience have seen us go from strength to strength.

A key example of this was overhauling our web content and introducing more streamlined B2B features to our eCommerce website, which increased our website’s revenue by 190% and our AOV (average order value) by 130%.

Racquel is a thorough professional and an extremely trustworthy person who really knows what she’s doing and has a history of delivering exceptional results during her time at 4Cabling.

I highly recommend Racquel for any business looking to realise their full marketing potential.

Zoe West, Zoe West Coaching

Zoe West

Relationship Coach
Zoe West Coaching

I'm so glad I decided to work with Racquel on refining my niche, offers and messaging.

I hadn't realised just how much I needed to have someone like her in my corner, supporting and challenging me.

She took me much deeper than any previous programs ever have and got me to a much much clearer understanding of what I offer and to whom.

With all of that I was able to completely revamp my website, integrating all the learnings and practical tips I'd gotten.

It was so worth it, so thank you Racquel.

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